Google Privacy

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Google has released a series of videos on their YouTube Privacy Channel. The videos do a good job describing how to use the various sharing features built into Google's products - features you might not be aware of - like how to limit the sharing or sharing subfeatures of your Blogger blog or Picasa Web photos. The site also addresses more common issues of privacy regarding your interaction with Google.

If you've even been curious about what information is collected when you search on Google, you'll want to check out the "Google Search Privacy: Plain and Simple". Trying to help someone understand what all those "cookie" files are on their machine? See the Cookie Crumbles Finalists videos.

If you're using any of these Google tools, many of which we've recommended before, is nice to know some of the tweaks for sharing information in limited circles (e.g., sharing the candid photos from the missions trip with only the folks on the trip) and it's always a good idea to understand the privacy aspects associated with various services.

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