Hello Church 2.0 crowd! My name is Tony Steward and I am a new contributor to this blog!

Readers Digest bio: I am a pastor with 7 years of experience in youth ministry. I currently am a member and high school volunteer at Saddleback Church. I helped start Rick Warren's podcast and blog, even though they aren't updating it now :( . I run my company Contagious Solutions, which helps churches and organizations function in the social media space. I have a ministry podcast over at www.whoaretheseguyspodcast.com. And most importantly I am married to my beautiful wife and love our three children.

The video below explains utterz.com, but if you have any questions or thoughts leave them in the comments below or contact us!

(note: I say on the video that I put the video through utterz, but you see it in viddler. Uploading video through utterz is still glitchy. For mobile it rocks, but for putting video out there check out youtube.com, blip.tv and viddler.com)

C2.0 WorkForce: Nic Scott

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Nicholas Scott has just been added to the C2.o WorkForce.

Nic comes to us with a back ground in graphic and print design. His real job is "Mac IT Support for Corporate Advertising" for a national grocery store chain. He says his title sounds more impressive than it really is. Nic also have experience in prepress and production art environments. When time permits he picks up freelance design jobs. Nic is a mac user, heavy user of free-ware, for media editing, audio editing, image editing, and productivity.

Nic believes every church should be using technology to their advantage, and he is excited to give you some ideas about how to do just that.

Podcast Review: Wrap-up

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Now that my podcast review over...

And we are gauging interest on a C2.0 Podcast.
What Podcast are you listening/watching?
[Technology, Leadership, Ministry, Sermons, etc.]

Vote: Church 2.0 - the podcast

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So here's the big news...

We are thinking about starting a podcast. If we do start it the premise would be...

TEN minute interviews
with ONE Pastor
sharing ONE Tech-Tool.
Interested? Vote!

Podcast Review: Creative Synergy

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TAGLINE/PURPOSE: a relevant resource to inspire and influence church leaders

: Audio only

CONTENT: Great stuff

FREQUENCY: Approximately once every three months

DURATION: Average 35 minutes per episode

CRAP or QUALITY: Quality

Newbie to Tech-savvy
NICHE: Worship Leader, A/V Director and Lead Pastors

Easy Worship

Creative Synergy Podcast: FOUR out of FIVE Stars. Great episode on Copyright in the Church. Multi-site campus, worship planning/preparation and church marketing are other topics covered. My only reservation from giving this five stars is having to wait so long between episodes. This is a top notch podcast.

To subscribe to this podcast go to www.creativesynergypodcast.com find recommended podcasts in the right column of C2.0 - the blog site and click on Creative Synergy.

Podcast Review: Geeks and God

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TAGLINE/PURPOSE: A podcast that educates and encourages technology in Christian ministry.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Audio only

CONTENT: Great content


DURATION: Normal Episode run 1hr, Mini-casts run 5-10 minutes

CRAP or QUALITY: High quality

Mainly speak the novice to Tech-savvy spectrum, however they do some technology evangelism to Senior/Lead ministers who are clueless.
[Check out their upcoming conference]

NICHE: Those interested in having a GREAT web presence for their church.

No, they take donations.

Geeks & God Podcast: FOUR out of FIVE Stars. Great content, these guys really know what they are talking about. They are very knowledgeable and do a great job of helping church's and ministry out. If you are considering using Drupal for your website, these are the guys to talk to. My only suggestion is for the Geeks & God Podcast is to get back to making some more 'mini-casts'. Although their podcast episodes are great, they run a little long. Most people don't have an hour to sit and listen and/or are to A.D.D. to do so. Keep the good work up!

To subscribe to this podcast go to www.geeksandgod.com find recommended podcasts in the right column of C2.0 - the blog site and click on Geeks & God.

Podcast Review: Jesus Geek

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TAGLINE/PURPOSE: Jesus Geek: technology news and how-to’s for the connected Christian. 10 minutes of technological TNT and spiritual know-how pumped straight into your brain. Jesus Geek is a member of the My Life Ministries Network: a community of ministries that views the everyday Christian life as a ministry and seeks to encourage Christians in their daily walk with Christ.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Audio only

CONTENT: Mac Mondays, Tech Tuesdays, Wired Wednesday, Thurs How-to's, Friday Basics


DURATION: Average Episode runs 10minutes

CRAP or QUALITY: Definitely Quality

Newbie to Tech-geek

NICHE: Anyone interested in technology

not sponsored at this time, but it is apart of the Tech Podcast Network

Jesus Geek: THREE 1/2 out of FIVE Stars. Good stuff... big props for keeping your daily episodes to 10mins. It's very difficult to deliver a daily episode and still have good content. 9 times out of 10 the Jesus Geek delivers. The only comment I have to the Jesus Geek is you need a tighter niche market.

To subscribe to this podcast go to www.jesusgeek.info or find recommended podcasts in the right column of C2.0 - the blog site and click on Jesus Geek.

Podcast Review: Churchy Media

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CONTENT: Very helpful/practical videos, solid audio episodes.


DURATION: Average for Video Episodes - 5minutes.
Average for Audio Episodes 25 minutes.

CRAP or QUALITY: High Audio and Video.

Novice - Tech Savvy

NITCH: Anyone using [or who wants to use] Audio and Video in their Church service or gathering. Those in Worship, Media, A/V directors.

Collide Magazine, Sermon Player

Churchy Media: FOUR 1/2 out of FIVE Stars. To subscribe to their podcast go to their website [here] or find recommended podcasts in the right column of C2.0 - the blog site and click on Churchy Media.

Next Podcast to be reviewed: Jesus Geek

Podcast Reviews

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This week I'm starting a series reviewing Podcasts that help ministries utilize technology. I will follow this series with a poll and an announcement, stay tuned.

Review will include...

VIDEO/AUDIO: Is it a vodcast, podcast, or both.

CONTENT: Is it good stuff or are they rambling?

FREQUENCY: duration between episodes
[days, weeks, months, random]

DURATION: 15-30 minutes is the sweet spot.

CRAP or QUALITY: Evaluating the audio and video.

Who should listen; newbie, novice, tech-savvy, tech-geek.

some podcasts are sponsored by the product they are recommending.

Do the have a target demographic?
[Worship/Music, Pastors, Web-design, etc.]
After this I will give them a rating [5 stars being the maximum]

Podcasts that will be reviewed:

PhotoShop Tutorials

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Need help with PhotoShop?

Mashable had collected 20 great sites that give you step-by-step video tutorials on using Adobe PhotoShop.

Check them out and let us know if these helped you and why?