Christmas Online

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My friend, Tony Steward, contacted me to let me know about This Christmas presented by will be hosting a whole bunch of Christmas worship experiences at Church Online this year. Church Online’s Christmas experiences are perfect for people who may be traveling, people who have friends or family who do not attend church, and anyone else who would like to join an online community for Christmas worship. 

The Digerati team is excited about reaching people who aren’t planning on attending church this holiday season, and they’re committed to providing a welcoming environment in which they can experience the message of Christ’s love.  They have 12 different online experiences scheduled on Wed, Thurs, and Friday! Christmas day!

Go here to get more information and download free Christmas music!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Church 2.0 and the LifeChurch Digerati Team!

Glo is the newest digital bible study tool from Zondervan.  Glo is a inexpensive highly visual bible study tool for the masses.  This tool does not have the depth of Greek / Hebrew tools, concordances, and commentaries that many preachers, teachers, and pastors want.  However for the regular church member or small group leader this is a phenomenal resource.

The Spiritual Home Base and use of Lenses are brilliant breakthroughs for a digital tool.

The Spiritual Home Base tracks and reports your progress of what you have read, watched, experienced, as well as how much time you've spent in Glo.

The Lenses allow you do drill down in to content using a tagging system.  Just think of this as very powerful topical and timeline search.  To to to see more.

The only downfall I have seen with Glo is only avaliable on the Windows Operating Systems.  And I'm waiting to see how well their share and socialize functions work.  Haven't seen much in their tutorial and demos.

Coming in at a very modest price tag of $50, Glo is a great bible study software!

Logos Bible Software

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For those who don't know Logos Bible Software is the power house of Bible Software Packages. Although I have read many mixed reviews of the changes that have been made in version 4, Logos is still the most comprehensive and powerful software on the market. Logos has recently added a iPhone/iPod app. In a society that is on the go, it is very important to have access to your bible tools where ever you are.

The biggest downfall with Logos software is it's price tag. You are easily going to spend $1000 to get one of their robust packages.

During Christmas they are running a 25% discount code: DECKTHEHALLS

If you were thinking of purchasing Logos Bible Software, take advantage of this discount!

This week I'm going to feature some different bible study tools / packages. Before I do, what software packages are you use?

25 Day of Free Christmas Music

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Amazon is giving away MP3s for Christmas in what they are calling 25 Days of Free. They are giving away Christmas songs from some of your favorite artists. One per day, so you need to keep checking back periodically and download them for FREE!

Also don't forget about Worship House Media's 12 Days of Christmas.

If you don't know I am a huge fan of Worship House Media. Not only do they save me hours of time surfing for the best video for our worship gatherings by offering many different producers works, they give a lot way for FREE!

Your not going to want to miss 12 Days of Christmas.

On the 1st day of Christmas Worship House Media gave to me Fearfully Made
...and a partridge in a pair tree!