Design And Religion

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There is a new book out called Graphic Design and Religion by Daniel Kantor. A much need book in my opinion.

The touchy topic of whether design should be viewed by the church world as a necessity or a marketing gimmick is debated heavily. Daniel supports the idea the graphic design can move beyond just visual communication, it can be a form of scared art.

He has a great quote about when design is seen without any real strategic context, it is often viewed as meaningless. I think this is what has gotten the church criticized. We are infinitively creative coming up with title slides for new sermon series, Sunday morning bulletins, and new fund raiser campaigns, but where is the church creating sacred art?

Something to think about.

Check more about the book by Daniel Kantor

PD Conference Live

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Check out the live feed of the behind the scenes Purpose Driven Conference.
Webcast by Ustream.TV

Prayer 2.0

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More and more sites built on Web2.0 technology are popping up that focus on prayer. We have already highlighted MySecret, Kindle, Dear-God, and Other6.

Now check out

It's a website to post prayer and praise reports.

Simple and to the point. It's very cool! Take a minute and see what people are praising and praying about. Maybe add your prayers and praise to the mix.

Online Design Apps

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I just got my beta test for Aviary.

Aviary is a suite of web-based applications (RIAs) for people who create. From image editing to typography to music to 3D to video, 18 apps in all. Right now I have access to the image editor and pattern maker.

Phoenix is the image editor, it has a clean interface and the loading time is fast. The image editor has all your basic functions, from cropping and rotating to the magic wand and lasso tool. And after you have finished image editing, you can export your file back to your desktop in any major file format including .psd files. If you have ever used photoshop or gimp shop you should feel right at home.

Peacock is the pattern generator. The pattern maker is a interesting idea, although I can't say that I have a huge need for a pattern maker and the interface takes some getting use to. It might come in handy to use it to create reusable filters that you can use in phoenix.

I can't help but see a lot of potential for web based design apps. Check out their blog Here to see the power of these apps or you can get your Beta Test Here

Presentation Tips...

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Here's a good video on how to give a presentation. It's a few minutes, but well worth it.

PresenTired: "The Voicemail" from Scott Schwertly on Vimeo.

Link Love

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Here are some sites, posts, and articles that the C2.0 - the blog audience might be interested in.
Tony Morgan (and soon NewSpring) says, 'Goodbye to Microsoft Outlook' and switches to Google Apps.
If you like FixMyVideo, you should check out FixMyPhotos. Here is a post from Guy Kawasaki on FixMyPhoto.
Find the cheapest gas in your area [links provided by Mashable]

Could twitter be a cool tool for your ministry? MMI highlights how they use twitter.

Shows you how your customers will see your designs...

litmus is an online service for your to test what your website and email promotions will look like, before you finalize it. They give you screenshots for 13 different email clients, and 23! different web browsers.

Now it's not free, but it's reasonable. And it's worth the cost compared to the price you paid to have those websites and emails designed in the first place.

They do more then just previews too, like tracking, publishing, and version management.

Check it out Litmus

Spotlight: Other6

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We often feel God's presence at Church, but where do you find him the other 6 days of the week?

Other6 is a website where you can view and/or add where you find God in the other 6.

This could be a great place to start brainstorming what an externally focused church or ministry might look like in your community.

Spotlight: Streamzy

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Streamzy is a free search engine, play-list creator, and prayer to stream full length audio clips from all of your favorite artist. Out of curiosity I did a search for songs by Hillsong/Hillsong United and found nearly every song I could ever want to listen to from them.

Practically: You or you Worship Leader could use Streamzy to create and share a play-list for your worship team. And the best part - it's legal!

Spotlight: Dear-God

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Those of you who had interest in Kindle, might have interest in

A site to post prayers, confessions, dreams, etc.
It's very similar to Post Secret Project, but is specifically for prayers.

Muddy River Media Missionaries

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Missionaries who provide FREE MEDIA!

Muddy River is a great sit that offers you Media content for free. Yes free! Go check it out at