Design And Religion

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There is a new book out called Graphic Design and Religion by Daniel Kantor. A much need book in my opinion.

The touchy topic of whether design should be viewed by the church world as a necessity or a marketing gimmick is debated heavily. Daniel supports the idea the graphic design can move beyond just visual communication, it can be a form of scared art.

He has a great quote about when design is seen without any real strategic context, it is often viewed as meaningless. I think this is what has gotten the church criticized. We are infinitively creative coming up with title slides for new sermon series, Sunday morning bulletins, and new fund raiser campaigns, but where is the church creating sacred art?

Something to think about.

Check more about the book by Daniel Kantor


  1. catrina // June 10, 2008 at 11:00 AM  

    I totally agree that design belongs in the church. As a graphic designer I frequently my graphic design and marketing skills as a tool for evangelism. If the secular world can use design to coerce people to smoke, drink and do other unhealthy things, why not use it to invite people to Christ?