Planning a Super Bowl Party?

Posted by Chad Lemon | 7:29 AM | , | 4 comments » has a great article and video link from the The Church Law Group outlining some great guidelines on enjoying a Super Bowl watch party at your church while respecting copyright law.

For those of you who've ever made an attempt at trying to understand copyright law, you will find these guidelines very reasonable and fair.

Enjoy the game!

P.S. The video also includes a great, understandable overview of what copyright and fair use are and what they affect, particularly relating to church use.


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I recently was invited to be a beta tester for BibleMesh.

BibleMesh is a tool developed by Redeemer City to City, an associated with Timothy Keller's Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.

BibleMesh is an online interface to teach and discuss the bible, the God of the bible, and God's story revealed through the scripture.  It starts each section out with a 10+ minute video explaining the over arching theme of at portion of scripture.  The sections are...
  1. Creation
  2. The Patriarchs 
  3. Moses
  4. Israel
  5. After the Exile
  6. Jesus
  7. The Church
Then you can dig deeper by exploring specific information about key events, characters, background, or theology. Once you have watched the video and explored the content, you can take a bible survey which is a little online quiz to help you retain (or learn) what you have just studied.

If that wasn't enough they also have groups where it appears you could make your own study using the content. They have discussion forums for those who have questions about the bible.

Over all this is a nice and helpful tool that allows you to dig deeper into scripture.  I have yet to see a price tag, but I hope they make it free, or at least a very minimal cost.

2010 Has Arrived!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

One thing that is synonymous with New Years is Resolutions.  What resolutions are you making?  May I suggest committing to a bible reading plan.  YouVersion has recently rolled out reading plans of various lengths and styles.  With over 20 to choose from you will be able to find one that is perfect for you.  Click the picture below to get started...

Have a blessed 2010!