Countdown Creator

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If your church uses countdown videos to start your service/gatherings you need Countdown Creator available at

For only $35 you can create your own videos instead of buying them. It’s simple just drop a video or photo, then music into Countdown Creator... and it’s done. Sweet!

[Thanks to for review this product]

If your website is built on RSS technology you should be using it to it's full potential.

One of the best ways to utilize RSS feeds as a church is to make a blog page for each one of your ministries. One for Youth, one for Adult, one for Children's, one for missions, etc. Then take the individual feed of each ministry blog (four in my example) and put them into FeedBlendr to make one RSS Feed for all your ministries. This link should then be placed on your churches main page so it's easy to find.

By doing this a church member could subscribe via RSS Reader to just one feed and be sent all on events and information that your site has to offer, instead of having to subscribe to many.

Getting started is incredibly easy. Your first stop on the FeedBlendr site clearly asks you for each piece of information it needs and the process is set in motion.

Freebie Fridays!

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Below are some free offers or downloads that I've stumbled upon the last month or so.

On church websites I often find somewhere that explains the history of the church. But it's SO BORING!

Imagine going to a church website and instead of being bored by the History of the Church you are genuinely interested and engaged.

Imagine you're a long time church member and on this portion of the website you can add important events, dates and information in the life of the church.

Imagine that during this collaborative effort all the church staff has to do is approve and edit stories that are being submitted. Then embed a few lines of codes to your churches website and an interactive time line will show up. [Shown below - the history of Church2.0 - the blog]

Imagine that after a year you think, "I wish I could make a Book or a DVD that I could give out to my congregation or those who don't have internet." And you find out you can! makes it all possible. OurStory is actually made for families to collaboratively record there story and genealogy. But isn't that what a church is essentially.

Start your own timeline at

How Important Are Your Children?

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INFINITELY! I've only been a parent two weeks and I already have an overwhelming responsibility to protect my child.

I believe that Children/Youth workers should have a background check run on them whenever possible. I believe in forgiveness, but that doesn't mean that a once sexual predator should be working with the children in your church. When doing a background check you then have the knowledge, even if the worker is being redeemed in Jesus, that being around children is a temptation for this person. Also you are protecting your children in the process.

I wish we lived in a time and a culture where you could trust everyone, but we just don't. We have to be watchful for a wolf to be dressed in sheep clothing. Sexual predators are a reality and although their are mailings by law that sexual predators are in your area, sometimes these may get discarded.

Luckily Vision 20/20 is a site that allows you to check for Sexual predators. Check it out, you can also sign up for mailings when new sexual predators move into your area. Childrens/Youth Pastors, PROTECT YOUR FLOCK!

Friday Is For Feedback

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To know where you are coming from it helps us to know some demographic information about the Church you serve.

Are You Up to Speed?

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I interviewed Ben, Youth Pastor of CedarCreek Church in Toledo, OH via Instant Message a few months back.

me: Ben, I have a quick question for you...
As a Pastor what are the biggest issues face you with technology, organization, and/or management issues?
Ben: The biggest issue I face is the pastors I work with, they are not up to speed on what technology has to offer. So, they create systems that revolve around a need for paper, very old school.
To be honest, this took me by surprise because CedarCreek is a very progressive mega-church. It made me think about all the churches who already consider themselves behind the technological curve.

If you are in church leadership I suggest two things...
  1. Meet with Tech Geeks! - take sometime out to get with some technology minded staff or church members to see what technology has to offer? Empower those Geeks to run with it. [Never know, eventually you maybe offering them a position. Hiring from within is the best way to go.]
  2. Stretch yourself - go outside your technology comfort zone. If you are not willing to stretch yourself, your church certainly won't.
Remember - the emerging generations that we are trying to reach are Technology Natives. Unlike most adults who are Technology Immigrants. So migrate!

The Porn Talk

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It's hard enough to talk to your kids about sex, let alone porn. The Porn Talk is a site that guides parents to talk to their kids about porn. This site is very helpful to parents who feel unprepared, inadequate, even awkward to talk to their children about such a subject.

I strongly believe that every Children/Youth Leader or Minister should encourage and help the parents by having good resources available. Encouraging parents to deal with spiritual issues that can greatly effect our children should be of utmost importance. The Porn Talk is one of those sites. They offer a newsletter, video (no porn of course), podcast, a porn in the pocket series (address cell phones & porn) and more.

I strongly recommend that you look it over and consider passing it on to parents.