On church websites I often find somewhere that explains the history of the church. But it's SO BORING!

Imagine going to a church website and instead of being bored by the History of the Church you are genuinely interested and engaged.

Imagine you're a long time church member and on this portion of the website you can add important events, dates and information in the life of the church.

Imagine that during this collaborative effort all the church staff has to do is approve and edit stories that are being submitted. Then embed a few lines of codes to your churches website and an interactive time line will show up. [Shown below - the history of Church2.0 - the blog]

Imagine that after a year you think, "I wish I could make a Book or a DVD that I could give out to my congregation or those who don't have internet." And you find out you can!
OurStory.com makes it all possible. OurStory is actually made for families to collaboratively record there story and genealogy. But isn't that what a church is essentially.

Start your own timeline at OurStory.com