How Important Are Your Children?

Posted by Kevin Rush | 4:15 AM | | 0 comments »

INFINITELY! I've only been a parent two weeks and I already have an overwhelming responsibility to protect my child.

I believe that Children/Youth workers should have a background check run on them whenever possible. I believe in forgiveness, but that doesn't mean that a once sexual predator should be working with the children in your church. When doing a background check you then have the knowledge, even if the worker is being redeemed in Jesus, that being around children is a temptation for this person. Also you are protecting your children in the process.

I wish we lived in a time and a culture where you could trust everyone, but we just don't. We have to be watchful for a wolf to be dressed in sheep clothing. Sexual predators are a reality and although their are mailings by law that sexual predators are in your area, sometimes these may get discarded.

Luckily Vision 20/20 is a site that allows you to check for Sexual predators. Check it out, you can also sign up for mailings when new sexual predators move into your area. Childrens/Youth Pastors, PROTECT YOUR FLOCK!