If your website is built on RSS technology you should be using it to it's full potential.

One of the best ways to utilize RSS feeds as a church is to make a blog page for each one of your ministries. One for Youth, one for Adult, one for Children's, one for missions, etc. Then take the individual feed of each ministry blog (four in my example) and put them into FeedBlendr to make one RSS Feed for all your ministries. This link should then be placed on your churches main page so it's easy to find.

By doing this a church member could subscribe via RSS Reader to just one feed and be sent all on events and information that your site has to offer, instead of having to subscribe to many.

Getting started is incredibly easy. Your first stop on the FeedBlendr site clearly asks you for each piece of information it needs and the process is set in motion.


  1. Aaron Marshall // November 18, 2007 at 7:07 PM  

    Great blog!! I totally have a similar vision. We should connect!