The Work of the People

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The Work of the People is currently running a $50 discount on their unlimited video download membership. [Click here if you are interested]

Google Calendar unplugged

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My biggest frustration with Google Calendar is this: I'm too cheap for a data plan and the cool phone with which to use it. This means my GCal is tied to online access. While there were rumors that Google Gears was spotted lurking about the GCal app, nothing has transpired in the months since.

So, this is how I cope:

1.) Print a paper copy when I know I need to schedule an appt with someone offline (I hate paper, but sometimes it's necessary, even in places other than the john), and add it to my calendar later.

2.) Use SMS messaging to send an event to GCal. Set up your phone in your calendar's settings and simply text your event to GVENT (48368). I have a separate calendar set up to receive my new events via txt so I can quickly spot them and put them in the right category* (work, family, etc.).

3.) Use Jott to send events. After this is set up through "Jott Links" (so easy!), simply call Jott, say "Google Calendar" when prompted, then say the event, date, and time (e.g., "lunch with kevin friday at 11 AM").

There is an SMS option for viewing upcoming events, but that is limited to a one-day look ahead, so you can't check whether you're free two weeks from now. I'm hoping that with Gears functionality for offline use, will come better options for syncing to handhelds and other mobile devices making it possible to see upcoming events without the need for a printed copy to go.

*Since GCal doesn't really support categories in the same way as other calendars I've used, I have several different calendars to sort and color-code categories of events: one for work, one for tentatively scheduled work items, one for personal/family, one for keeping track of when people will be absent for worship team, and one for events I Jott or txt in.

Q&A: Internet Filter

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At C2.0 - the blog we love to answer the questions that you have. In the future we will make new posts out of questions we receive. Here is the first...



I remember you mentioning something about an Internet Filter.... Do you remember what service it was? We'll be talking about pornography during our next series and want to offer resources.

Tim B.

The only 'free filters' that I know of are OpenDNS and ScrubIT. OpenDNS is installed at a router/switch level. ScrubIT is installed at the server level. Both are slightly detailed when installing, but work great when installed.

Free accountability software is available from

Integrity Online is probably the best internet filtering company out there at a reasonable price for home or business use. It just depends on what you're looking for.

The Porn Talk is a site that guides parents through the awkward topic of talking to kids about porn.

Those are the products and resources that I recommend.
What would you add to the list?

reThink Podcasts [part 3]

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None one likes re-runs:
Don't just podcast sermons,
create fresh new content

Reasons Why?

  • Fresh- unless your nationally known speaker or someone missed the worship service they aren't going to subscribe to your podcast to hear you talk for an hour. By creating new content you will give them incentive to subscribe.
  • Discipleship - make a short podcasts to further the sermon or call them to action. Or use podcast to distribute small group/house church videos for discussion.
  • Ministries - make short podcasts highlighting ministries and/or testimonies.
  • Events - promo events, concerts, do interviews, etc.
  • Free Music - have a musicians [in your church] give their songs away.
Tip: Get some young creative types to help you brainstorm ideas.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]
In what ways are you and your ministry reThinking how to use podcasts?

reThink Podcasts [part 2]

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Post video episodes,
not audio [if possible]


  • Visual learners - [read my thoughts here]
  • Traffic - video is king on the internet right now [read post]
  • Online Video - in addition post the videos to YouTube/Viddler
    [Viddler allows chapters/comments similar to a track on a CD]
Tip: if you aren't very visual in your teaching style, learn! It's the 21st century.

[Part 1] [Part 2]

reThink Podcasts [part 1]

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With some nudging from Chad I have decided to post what I calling 'reThink podcasts' [original posted on my personal blog]. This three post series are my suggestions for podcasting in ministry as well as my reasoning for it. Let's get started...

Instead of 30-45 minute podcasts,
think 10-15 minute

[even 5 minute]

Reasons Why?

  • A.D.D. - 20mins is the avg attention span
    [sometimes 20mins is pushing it]
  • Commute - people spend 50mins in a car each day
    [avg trip being 10-15mins]
  • Workout - they're working out, not taking notes.
    [keep lectures in the classroom]
  • Focus - this makes the communicator hone his/her communication skills.
    [Get to the point no rambling]
Tip: If you are podcasting your three point sermons - break it up into three separate episodes.


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Are you looking for a site to host your [sermon] podcast for free? May I suggest Gcast.


  • Easy to post and use
  • Easy to subscribe via iTunes
  • Post audio directly from your phone
    [great for quick ministry updates]
  • Easy to embed a player & subscribe links into other sites
  • Only allows MP3 files [does not accept MP4 ACC files]
  • Audio only [no video or pdf publishing available]
Here is my [Kez] podcast, below I have the player embedded.

Other podcasting services that are worth looking into...
If you need help signing up/setting up your podcast let us know.

With Google Docs' presentation tool ( you now have the ability to publish presentation slides online within your webpage.

This would be a great way to embed slide decks of all sorts to your website or blog: announcement loops, sermons, tutorials, etc. You can either upload existing presentations built with other software or build new presentations right in Google Docs.

A nice bonus here is that it doesn't require the viewer to download a file or have specialized software for viewing the slides.

Not familiar with Google Docs? See our earlier posts [September 07] [April 07].

In the following embedded presentation, I've outlined the steps for uploading existing PowerPoint slides to your site (our email and RSS readers may need to view the C2.0 blog website to view the slides).

C2.0 Poll: Is Podcasting Dead?

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Due to the closing of Yahoo Podcasts, I have stumbled on a few articles and blog posts that suggest that podcasts may decease in the near future.

What do you think?