reThink Podcasts [part 1]

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With some nudging from Chad I have decided to post what I calling 'reThink podcasts' [original posted on my personal blog]. This three post series are my suggestions for podcasting in ministry as well as my reasoning for it. Let's get started...

Instead of 30-45 minute podcasts,
think 10-15 minute

[even 5 minute]

Reasons Why?

  • A.D.D. - 20mins is the avg attention span
    [sometimes 20mins is pushing it]
  • Commute - people spend 50mins in a car each day
    [avg trip being 10-15mins]
  • Workout - they're working out, not taking notes.
    [keep lectures in the classroom]
  • Focus - this makes the communicator hone his/her communication skills.
    [Get to the point no rambling]
Tip: If you are podcasting your three point sermons - break it up into three separate episodes.