reThink Podcasts [part 3]

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None one likes re-runs:
Don't just podcast sermons,
create fresh new content

Reasons Why?

  • Fresh- unless your nationally known speaker or someone missed the worship service they aren't going to subscribe to your podcast to hear you talk for an hour. By creating new content you will give them incentive to subscribe.
  • Discipleship - make a short podcasts to further the sermon or call them to action. Or use podcast to distribute small group/house church videos for discussion.
  • Ministries - make short podcasts highlighting ministries and/or testimonies.
  • Events - promo events, concerts, do interviews, etc.
  • Free Music - have a musicians [in your church] give their songs away.
Tip: Get some young creative types to help you brainstorm ideas.

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In what ways are you and your ministry reThinking how to use podcasts?


  1. luckeyfrog // January 16, 2008 at 11:42 AM  

    I think this is a great idea. Use a podcast as a way to follow up on the sermon. Sometimes it's easy for me to hear a sermon, get to thinking, and forget about it by later in the week. If you have people at your church who listen to the podcasts, this might be a great way to further their thinking on the sermon topic and keep their mind on God throughout the week!