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Want some free swag? Check out

Three churches came together with two beliefs

  1. Church stuff out to be the best stuff.
  2. Churches ought to share that stuff.
My kind of people!


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Check out some great posts...

I was a big support of jott when it came out [see previous posts]. However, they have slowly transition from having all of their features for free a year or so ago to offering no features for free today. Not smart...

So I have been looking for other free solutions and along came Dial2Do.

And it kicks the snot out of jott. Not only does it have all features that jott has, but it also can read your calendar, email, weather, news feeds to you. All commanded by your voice! Sick! And did I mention it's FREE!

Check it out.

Kindle Generation 2

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Check out the second genereation of Kindle's over at PCWorld.
Amazon is now selling it.

Share large files...

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Need to setup a shared folder online to store large files [videos, music, photos, etc.]?

Check out MediaFire.

Unreal what UNLIMITED features they are offering for FREE!