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I appreciate and value any device that does mundane tasks automatically. That's why I am hyped about the Eye-Fi SD Card. With a simple setup process these cards will automatically load your photos to almost any photo hosting site with out hooking up a cable.

Check out how simple it is...

Need to get a bunch of people together in a video chat?
Check out TokBox. No Software to download, just have your webcam and microphone hooked up to your PC or Mac and wallah! Your in! And, it's FREE!

GDoc Collaboration

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Merry Christmas!

Engage Your Audience

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Looking for ways to make your service more interactive and have more fun

Check this out...

Only $20 and it's for both Mac and PC.

Projector in your Pocket!

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This device would be excellent for anyone who has to do presentations for a living. Especially presentations that are in a conference setting.

It's Not Crap!

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Just a reminder that the free videos start today over at Worship House Media

Daily Freebie Promo - "You Can't Say That" from Worship House Media on Vimeo.

FYI - Dale's beard is sweet! It makes me feel like he's Santa!