Share Large Files

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Trying to send files that are too large to attach to an email?

Check out DropSend


Both great options to send large files over the internet.

Chanukah Move Over

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Chanukah has 7 days of gifts, thanks to Worship House Media we get 20 days.

Starting Dec 1st Worship House Media is giving away a video each week day!

Daily Freebie Promo - "They'll Never Know" from Worship House Media on Vimeo.


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Need help on your creative planning for ministry? Or do you have great ministry idea that needs to be shared with the nation?

Check out:

I'm so pumped that someone finally made a web2.0 do to this! Kudos iDEANATION

Have a great thanksgiving!

Antistatic | Free eBook

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My new friend, Mark Wells, at Antistatic Design is offering a free eBook he wrote.

He poses the question... "What Sets You Apart from the Static?"
If you need graphics or branding for your church check Antistatic Design out.

Posted by Kevin Rush | 9:01 AM | , | 0 comments » is about to roll out a new endeavor. Sign up for email updates.

Voice and Video GChat

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Now in Gmail you can voice and video chat in your email client.

[Read more about it]

Stock Photos

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Online Giving!!!

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Check out Donor Tools!

It's a good solution for those churches who have just a hand full of members who would give online.

Free Church Metrics

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If you haven't checked this out your going to want to...
... best of all, it's FREE!
Introducing ChurchMetrics from ChurchMetrics on Vimeo.