google notebook import
I know I'm late in the game, but Google announced that Google Notebook will go away in the future.

I suggest using Evernote as a solution. Evernote is very easy to capture things off of the web and then add your ideas. You can journal and much much more. Also Evernote has an Google Notebook import for those who don't want to re-enter anything. Very cool! And it's free. (They have premium edition that gives you more features and better experience, but the free account is fine for basic capturing functions)

Here how Evernote works...

I believe it is very important in ministry to get your ideas out of your head and on to paper or a electronic document of some sort. So develop some system and stick to it!

Rick Warren Webcast and Q&A

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Rick Warren is doing a live webcast! NOW!

Ministry Wrestling

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I wanted to know what you, your church, or your ministry are wrestling with in the New Year?

I hope to get some good dialogue going, so I can write on topics that are passionate to you and your context.

What do we need to rethink?