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This strays from our purpose a bit, but I know alot of Pastors who are currently in the hiring process. Hiring new staff for the Church can be very difficult and time consuming. Often the name of the game is knowing what qualities you are looking for in a potential hire.

Craig Groeschel, Lead Pastor of LifeChurch.tv, gives some of his insights on hiring staff on his blog at swerve.lifechurch.tv

Check them out here:
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Also check out "Curious Hire", it's brilliant in a obvious way.

Having worked within the Church and outside of it, nothing effects the future of the organization more then the kind of people they employ. If I have one word of wisdom on this subject it would be this. "Pastor & Elders, take care of the staff you already have. And when hiring find people that will take your ministry to the next level, not just someone to fill the position." The staff of any organization is hands down the most valuable resource they have, so take the time and energy to pastor and build into your team.