In response to March 30th's "Friday is for Feedback," rick wrote:

"as I have been searching your site I have found very little that I feel I can actually understand or use effectively"

First of all, thanks to rick for your feedback. We love to hear the successes and challenges our readers are encountering. True, we always secretly hope that we're a part of more successes than challenges, but rick raises some good points.

There are so many emerging technologies, particularly web-based technologies, that it's tough to keep up with them and even tougher to process how a given technology might apply to a given setting. This is something that's really core to our vision here. The Church 2.0 team has spent the week discussing how we can better tie tools to their potential uses in a way that highlights their potential uses while still leaving some room for a creative mind to run off with it.

In the coming weeks, look for some of the following tweaks to show up:

- Clearer connections between technologies and their uses
- A visual scale to help you sort out which tools are must-haves and which are "pretty cool if you're into that sort of thing."

Then we're asking/begging/pleading for your feedback. Your feedback comments are the best clue we have to whether hitting the mark or not.


  1. sdkistler4 // April 24, 2007 at 11:03 AM  

    OK, so we have our basic "online brochure" kind of website meant to help people who are looking for a church. Where can we put links to this site? How do we make it so people who are looking will actually find it?