Google Docs Presentations, you had me at Common Craft.

Never mind that Google Docs' new presentation feature gives you access to a free, web based presentation software tool that incorporates the great collaboration pieces you'd expect from Google Docs and even the ability to share a present to a group online....

No, these features weren't enough. Google had to go and recruit the talents of the "In Plain English" folks at Common Craft to put together the introductory video - you may recall some of our previous references to their videos on RSS and Social Networking. Okay, so you may not find this quite as novel, but check out the clip below anyhow.

Based on what I've read so far, the consensus on the Docs presentation tool seems to be:

  • overall, it's a solid product
  • the collaboration potential is great
  • it doesn't sound like desktop presentation software is out of the picture...yet
  • the price is perfect
For a small sampling of others' comments on the web, check out some of these blogs:

"Our Feature Presentation" on the Official Google Blog
"The new presentations feature of Google Docs helps you to easily organize, share, present, and collaborate on presentations, using only a web browser."
"Launch: Google Docs Adds Presentations" at Lifehacker
"While I wouldn't use a browser-based slideshow to give a real-time, in-person presentation, for collaborating on a set of slides remotely, this looks ace."
"Who Needs Office Now Google Docs Does Presentations?" at Codswallop
"Well now my days rely on internet connectivity anyway, and these applications have matured to a point where you are not missing many features. I’m not going to be using them full time but I do now think Google is on to a winner."
"5 outside the box uses for Google Presentations out of the box" at Heal Your Church Website
  1. Work on slide show presentations - across multiple computer barriers
  2. Share slide show presentations - across operating system barriers
  3. Collaborate on Sunday school lessons - across classroom barriers
  4. Collaborate on Bible Studies - across church/congregational barriers
  5. Use the slideshow with web conference tools like ReadyTalk - across geographic barriers"