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If you are not using a RSS you should be! Here is a great video explaining what RSS feeds allow you to do and how to use them.

Video is provided by John Piper's son, Abraham Piper, over at


  1. Bill Reichart // June 20, 2007 at 9:06 AM  

    I need you help and opinion, couldn't find an email address.
    To reply mine is BigCreekBill at Gmail dot com

    Ever since I arrived to our church, I haven't been happy with our Database software and management system.

    It is called PowerChurch and it is cumbersome, it has a difficult interface, it is only on our network (so there is no web access to the information), it tries to do everything (membership, database, financial) and it does nothing well.

    We are finally ready to jetison this software and I need your opinion of what you have used, what you like, why you are using it. I would rather have real life recommendations rather than just go to software companies who are going to give me the sales spin.

    We are looking for a powerful, yet flexible database, membership management application. Web based would be nice and preferred, but willing to flex on that if I need to. User-friendly interface and does it play well with other software programs, MS office, Quicken etc...

    If you have any opinions or thoughts on this, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Bill Reichart
    Pastor of "Doing Life Together"

    Visit my Blog at: