Zoho (Alternative to Google)

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A while back we had Google Week. It featured some of the best Google applications offered, but what if you're anti-Google? Check out Zoho. What does Zoho provide? Many things as well as Google and even some going above and beyond.

[I'll compare each app to the Google's equivalent by giving it a +, | , or - scale. Key: + is better, | is the same , - is lacking]

Zoho Mail [-] - email (free, under 1GB of space)

Zoho Writer [|] - online word processor (free)

Zoho Sheet [|] - online spreadsheets (free)

Zoho Notebook [+] - online notebook to collect information, links, files, audio, video and more in one place. (free)

Zoho Show - you guessed it online PowerPoint! Nice. (free)

Zoho Planner - To do list, appointments, etc.

Zoho Meetings - Share your desktop screen to present a PowerPoint, program, training, etc. online. (free, presenter has to be using Windows)

Zoho Projects - set up team project (1 free, ulimited for $5/mo)

Zoho Creator - need to gather information, but don't know how to code. Creator is coding simplifed. Create online form in minutes. You'll be analyzing and gathering data before you know it.

Zoho Wiki - create your own wiki.

Zoho Polls - create a poll to embed them where-ever you want.

Zoho Challenge - create online tests, and track the scores online.

I'll highlight a few of these in the future with Ministry specific use.


  1. Anonymous // June 4, 2007 at 4:35 PM  

    Personally, I think all those services Google offers are a big distraction from what's really important. I'm content keeping my calendar to myself and writing documents by hand or on a word processor. I mostly use the internet to communicate my faith, and I've found that generally it's as difficult to engage and identify with a person online as it is in real life. http://Google.com doesn't offer any services that help connect with or understand other people.

    On the internet I prefer to use http://google.com for searching for other Christian communities, and I like to use http://christonium.com to store files for my church, keep private notes, and to ensure that the communication I have with people is secure as I don't trust email companies that use my private email conversations to target their advertisements.

  2. luckeyfrog // June 4, 2007 at 8:00 PM  

    I like this post-- I'd never heard of this company before, but it sounds like they definitely have some extra services that could be beneficial (although not specifically for ministry).

  3. luckeyfrog // June 4, 2007 at 8:13 PM  

    Also, in response to the anonymous post... I don't think these services necessarily distract from what's important-- for some people, it is much easier to have everything in one place and accessible from everywhere (if I write something on a calendar in my room, I can't look at it anytime- but if I write it in an online calendar, I can probably pull it up). Some people also prefer the method of communication-- especially youth, in my experience (I'm 20). Some high school and college students use email and cellphones almost exclusively as a way to communicate, and I know some older people find Internet more convenient as well (my youth group leader used email constantly at work, and worked long enough hours that calling us was difficult- so, for her, email was best). It's a matter of personal preference, and while they may be distracting for you... these services could really help some other people to better organize their ministry and personal lives.

    As important as face-to-face communication is, I think sometimes people who aren't as comfortable enjoy the relative anonymity and increased time to think of and word a response in conversation. Online communication can be difficult, but it has its uses, especially with people who are extremely used to this sort of communication and in cases where identifying a person isn't as important as conveying a simple message (i.e., our meeting has been moved back an hour).

  4. Arvind // June 5, 2007 at 11:35 AM  

    Kez : thanks for posting about Zoho! Looking forward your more elaborate posts on each of Zoho's services.

    luckeyfrog : nice explanation of how online services like Zoho can be of help :-)