Having posted on how great both Pinger and Jott are, the next logical question is "which one should I use?"
In a Pinger vs. Jott match-up, here's a run down pound for pound of each, as I see them. I'll weigh both, the pros & cons, and I'll suggest who I think the winner is depending on the scenario. Let's go to the score card.


Pinger - wins hands down, if you are sending to cell phone users to leave a message for a large group.


  • Best service for sending voice messages to cell phones
  • Reply, Reply to All & Fwd feature is great for instant confirmation/discussion.
  • Clear and easy to use when receiving a Pinger via cell phone.
  • Ability to post to MySpace is slick.
  • Doesn't transcribe & it's not very easy to leave yourself a message
  • Not as good as Jott when leaving email messages.

Jott - will take home the victory, if you are sending to email users and/or you wish to leave a message for yourself.

  • Best service for sending voice messages to email addresses.
  • Transcribing voice to txt is a great feature.
  • Clear and easy to use when receiving a Jott via email.
  • Ability to post to Blogs is slick. [some additional setup is required]
  • Doesn't have performance or features when receiving messages via cell phone.
  • Jott is mainly a system for leaving messages.
  • Confusing when you get a Jott message via cell phone, SMS txt msg.

Both can leave messages for email address and cellphones,
have a great website to use to set up and manage accounts, allow you to set up small or large groups to message, both are free, and are easy to use.

Basic differences:

Pinger does messaging and allows for some interaction from the cellphone users, where as Jott is best used to leave messages (both transcribed and voice) for yourself and other users (better result w/ email addresses).

So ask yourself two questions:
  1. What kind of users am I going to message? (ex- cell phone users, email users or myself.)
  2. Why am I going to voice txt? (ex - quickly inform/discuss, make an announcement that isn't urgent, taking notes, etc.)
In my case it's a draw, I use both. Pinger to leave messages to Cells (messages/announcements that need to get out quickly and may need a response) and Jott to leave informative messages to myself and/or email addresses which aren't as time sensitive (a good example is family announcements, "it's a girl!")


  1. rick grayshock // June 2, 2007 at 7:35 AM  

    Thank you- this is exactly the kind of thing that helps me. Which technologies are right for me and my ministry.

  2. Bill Reichart // June 2, 2007 at 8:58 AM  

    This is the same place that I have come out. I use Jott for sending me notes. I like the transcription, but my experience is that I don't trust it. It's accuracy is only as good as the technology and the clarity of my voice. So JOTT is my goto program for on the fly reminders, capture my thoughts and to-do's. PINGER has been the big winner to send out broadcast voicemails to groups. I have been using Pinger and gotten good feedback. Therefore both JOTT and PINGER are in my productivity tool box - also in there is Google 411 which has helped me tremendously - you can see my comments here about that.


  3. Paisano // February 13, 2008 at 6:28 AM  

    Great comparison! I was just going to do the same kind of post but no need to do it now! Thanks!
    Great idea for a blog too!