Are You Up to Speed?

Posted by Kevin Rush | 11:39 AM | | 0 comments »

I interviewed Ben, Youth Pastor of CedarCreek Church in Toledo, OH via Instant Message a few months back.

me: Ben, I have a quick question for you...
As a Pastor what are the biggest issues face you with technology, organization, and/or management issues?
Ben: The biggest issue I face is the pastors I work with, they are not up to speed on what technology has to offer. So, they create systems that revolve around a need for paper, very old school.
To be honest, this took me by surprise because CedarCreek is a very progressive mega-church. It made me think about all the churches who already consider themselves behind the technological curve.

If you are in church leadership I suggest two things...
  1. Meet with Tech Geeks! - take sometime out to get with some technology minded staff or church members to see what technology has to offer? Empower those Geeks to run with it. [Never know, eventually you maybe offering them a position. Hiring from within is the best way to go.]
  2. Stretch yourself - go outside your technology comfort zone. If you are not willing to stretch yourself, your church certainly won't.
Remember - the emerging generations that we are trying to reach are Technology Natives. Unlike most adults who are Technology Immigrants. So migrate!