The Innovative

Posted by Kevin Rush | 3:16 AM | , | 0 comments » is a highly motivated and innovative multi-site campus led by Craig Groeschel. The reason I am posting on them is not to show what can be done when technology is used in churches effectively, but to show you that the team at is making information, media, leadership tools, etc. available for absolutely free.

First, I must give a plug to their Blog, Swerve. Here Craig and Bobby Gruenewald give insight and leadership advice of how they run their church.

Second, they give all their media away. I mean ALL OF IT! FREE! Need some slick graphics for an upcoming series, or a intro video for something? Check out Open! I highly recommend it.

Last, but not least they create other websites with specific purposes, like this site - This sight is to confess secrets. This often can lead to the confessor seeking help.

On a side note, has created a Internet Campus where they "hold church" on the Internet. Personally I'm not a big fan because it feels too trendy to me, but I respect's vision and drive.