Blogging, 10-4

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I often get this question, "Kevin, what should I Blog about?" So here is a list that comes from an article at by Cory Miller.

Ten Topics for Pastors to Blog About...

  1. your city/town - events, stores, local projects, etc.
  2. news/culture/issues - be loving yet biblical
  3. money/personal finance - practical lessons
  4. marriage/family/parenting - lessons learned
  5. devotional thoughts - how God revealed himself to you
  6. people - from called, changing to changed people
  7. your sermons - expand a point/idea from your sermon
  8. discipleship resources - books, media, websites, etc.
  9. informing - distribute information & reminders
  10. the Gospel - spread the good news in your life

4 Simple Principals When Blogging

  • Be realistic – Set a doable posting schedule. Post once a week and keep it short (100 words or less).
  • Write to a friend – Think of your posts as an e-mail or letter to a close friend.
  • Use a free blogging service - Use or
  • Keep it simple - turn "off" the comments. Comments could keep you busy. Start with one of their free templates and keep it simple. Later, if blogging is for you, start adding more bells and whistles.