XXXChurch and ScrubIT

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Porn is plaguing young and old men, Christians and non-Christians, women and yes even pastors. XXXChurch is prided as the #1 Christian Porn site. I know it’s a little controversial, however they are doing some great things. One of them being the provision of a free accountability software called X3Watch. What is X3Watch accountability software? It is software that you install on your PC or MAC that records any questionable website that you visit. After a couple weeks it sends an email of the questionable sites to an accountability partner. Say a good friend, a pastor, even your wife or husband. I beg you to install this and find an accountabilty partner if you are struggling with poor. Porn effects you in so many evil ways that go unseen for years.

ScrubIT is a program sets up your computer to go through a DNS server that blocks porn from your computers. This is a little more complicated, so I’ll let you check out there website for more details if your interest.