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Backlinks are links from other sites to your site (assuming you have a church website). This concept is important for two reasons. First you can see who links to your church website. Secondly it is one of the main factors on where you rank in Google search. TrackBacks are similar to Backlinks. Curious who's linked to your site? Here is how you find out who is.

1.) go to

2.) then type in "link:" then the link of your website (I'm going to use a church in my area) "". So the whole thing would be "link:" and then hit find [picture below]

3.) Then AltaVista will bring back all the sites that have links back to your sites. [picture below]

Notice: has 112 backlinks to it.

4.) Take sometime to see who has backlinks to your site. You may want to do this with a friend from your church because sometimes you find criticism of your church and it may be hard to read. With a friend you can discern whether or not the criticism has any merit.

Thats it! And now you know how to use find who's backlink-ing to you