Logos Bible Software

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For those who don't know Logos Bible Software is the power house of Bible Software Packages. Although I have read many mixed reviews of the changes that have been made in version 4, Logos is still the most comprehensive and powerful software on the market. Logos has recently added a iPhone/iPod app. In a society that is on the go, it is very important to have access to your bible tools where ever you are.

The biggest downfall with Logos software is it's price tag. You are easily going to spend $1000 to get one of their robust packages.

During Christmas they are running a 25% discount code: DECKTHEHALLS

If you were thinking of purchasing Logos Bible Software, take advantage of this discount!


  1. Anonymous // December 29, 2009 at 3:32 PM  

    For those wishing to focus more on the Bible and less on books about it, Accordance Bible Software offers a number of fine packages beginning at around $150. Check it out: www.accordancebible.com.