Hello Church 2.0 crowd! My name is Tony Steward and I am a new contributor to this blog!

Readers Digest bio: I am a pastor with 7 years of experience in youth ministry. I currently am a member and high school volunteer at Saddleback Church. I helped start Rick Warren's podcast and blog, even though they aren't updating it now :( . I run my company Contagious Solutions, which helps churches and organizations function in the social media space. I have a ministry podcast over at www.whoaretheseguyspodcast.com. And most importantly I am married to my beautiful wife and love our three children.

The video below explains utterz.com, but if you have any questions or thoughts leave them in the comments below or contact us!

(note: I say on the video that I put the video through utterz, but you see it in viddler. Uploading video through utterz is still glitchy. For mobile it rocks, but for putting video out there check out youtube.com, blip.tv and viddler.com)