Podcast Review: Geeks and God

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TAGLINE/PURPOSE: A podcast that educates and encourages technology in Christian ministry.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Audio only

CONTENT: Great content


DURATION: Normal Episode run 1hr, Mini-casts run 5-10 minutes

CRAP or QUALITY: High quality

Mainly speak the novice to Tech-savvy spectrum, however they do some technology evangelism to Senior/Lead ministers who are clueless.
[Check out their upcoming conference]

NICHE: Those interested in having a GREAT web presence for their church.

No, they take donations.

Geeks & God Podcast: FOUR out of FIVE Stars. Great content, these guys really know what they are talking about. They are very knowledgeable and do a great job of helping church's and ministry out. If you are considering using Drupal for your website, these are the guys to talk to. My only suggestion is for the Geeks & God Podcast is to get back to making some more 'mini-casts'. Although their podcast episodes are great, they run a little long. Most people don't have an hour to sit and listen and/or are to A.D.D. to do so. Keep the good work up!

To subscribe to this podcast go to www.geeksandgod.com find recommended podcasts in the right column of C2.0 - the blog site and click on Geeks & God.