C2.0 Pick of the Year [2007]

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Happy New Year!

While celebrating the new year the C2.0 staff wanted to highlight some of their favorite tools/products of the 2007 year.

"My pick of the year has to be Jott!"
[Kevin Rush, Creator/Contributor of C2.0 - the blog]

Jott is an easy and very powerful voice to text communication tool. Several times earlier this year we featured this powerful Web2.o application. Since these posts we could easily have done two or three additional posts on all the new features the Jott team has added.

Here are my favorite ways to use Jott...

  • Leave yourself a note (both voice and text messages)
  • Transcribe your voice to a blog or send it via email
  • Update your Google calendar & social networking sites
  • And much more [check out Jott Links]
Jott has changed the way I use technology for ministry. You should be using it. What a great tool!

Pinger is a close runner up to my pick of the year.
[Previous C2.0 posts on Pinger]


  1. Bill Reichart // December 31, 2007 at 7:14 PM  

    I agree. I am a big Jott fan!