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For all those Churches that are looking for an upgrade from those power point presentations. Meet ProPresenter3.

ProPresenter is a lyric presentation system for churches and ministries. Created by Brad Weston while he was working on the "Production Team" for North Point Community Church, and it's the software their use for the Catalyst Conference.

I have a copy of the original release and version 3 is completely redesigned with some really cool features. You now have the ability to save Playlist from the worship service just like you would save an itunes playlist. There's "Dynamic Scripture Look Up", so any time your pastor strays from the notes you can look up the scripture and have it on screen in seconds. You can import all those old power point presentations, and it even supports keynote. There's view options, foregrounds, backgrounds, transitions, and you can even post announcements and let parents know when their child needs them in the nursery. These guys thought of everything!

Unfortunately it's not free, but they are pretty loose with their licensing agreements. And you can download a trial before you buy.

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