Ministry Micro-site Ideas

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This is a follow-up post to Micro-site Marketing that highlights different Ministry related micro-sites...

Church: Next Level Church [Fort Myers, Florida]
Micro-site: Pete's Blog []
Description: What if Peter was blogging about his adventures with Jesus and how he learned to trust Him more? A 4-week message series this Sunday called Pete’s Blog.
Church: NewSpring [Anderson, South Carolina]
Micro-site: Parent's Are Clueless []
Description: Have a secret your parents don't know about? Facing a challenge in raising your kids? Who is really clueless--the parents or the kids? Parent's and Kids could weigh in on the questions above. Then they did a teaching series on 'The Perfect Kid'.

Mars Hill Church [Seattle, Washington]
Micro-site: Ask Anything []
Description: Where you could ask Mars Hill Church to teach on any topic. And I mean any topic. They had thousands of votes and then they taught and are teaching a 9-week teaching series on the top 9 topics. The idea came from New Testament when Paul would address the major issues of the church.
Questions for you....

  • What other ministry focused micro-sites have you seen?
  • Do you have any creative/innovative ideas for micro-sites in ministry?