Txt Using Broadtexter

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Option 2: Use Broadtexter - www.broadtexter.com
It's made for bands to keep in touch w/ their fans, but you could use it for other purposes. I haven't used this yet, but from hear it's perfect. Here's the FAQ from their website

  • Will Broadtexter work for me? - Broadtexter will work with any phone that can handle text in the US and Canada.
  • Is there a fan limit on my Mobile Fan Club? - No. If your Mobile Fan Club becomes incredibly large (like in the thousands), then contact us so we can support your special needs.
  • How many fans can I send to at one time? - As many fans as you can get to join! No other service will let you do that!
  • Can I regionalize my text messages? - Yes. When you create an alert you specify where you're playing so your alert only goes out to fans in that area.
  • How will I send alerts to my Mobile Fan Club? - You will be able to do this from your Broadtexter account online or right from your own phone (how cool is that?!).
  • Will my fans see my phone number? - No. Your number and your fans' numbers are always kept private.
  • What does it cost? - Broadtexter is a free service. At some point we will offer a set of premium features, but basic usage will remain free.