Going Where the Need Is

Posted by Chad Lemon | 1:50 PM | | 0 comments »

Disclaimer: Some of the stuff this guy did is, well, careless at best, and stupid and dangerous at worst. I don't really recommend that you try this at home, or church. At least not quite like he did.

A couple weeks ago just about every major media outlet was reporting on Ryan Fitzgerald who posted his phone number and a video inviting anyone to call and that he would listen. Fitzgerald was inundated with over 5,000 calls in the first weekend alone.

A simple offer to listen. 5,000 responses. Why aren't there 5,000 people beating down the doors of our churches? Aren't we listening?

There are lots of lonely, lost, and hurting people online who will connect with anyone who will listen. It would be so much better if the message they're connecting to is one of hope. Is your church listening? When people are looking for connections will they find your church either physically, virtually, or both, ready to listen?

It takes a unique calling to be that online presence, but if your team has the drive (and enough web know-how and common sense to stay safe), there is a great opportunity to reach a whole new generation.