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INTRODUCTIONS: is the new address for Church 2.0 - the blog. My name is Brook Drumm and I will be taking the baton from Kevin and continuing the great work he has been doing. I love what Kevin has done here and we all are grateful for it. More specifically, I thank God for making it possible for him to use his gifts and passions to serve in this way.

We have packed every last article up and have moved it on over to the new site: Why are we moving? Mainly, because our new platform (Wordpress) will give us more control over every aspect of the blog. We will, essentially, be able to serve our readers better, faster and with more style. Also, web design/development is what I do for a living, so I can squeeze Wordpress for all it is worth!

We have changed the FEED to point to the new blog today (June 3rd, 2010).

We have a completely new look to the site and have already posted some new content on the new blog. You may notice that we are whittling down our categories to simplify a bit and adding some new topics that we will be covering: Hardware, Editorials, "No Tech", Apps and more...

Again, thanks to those who went before us.... may God bless and keep them... and bring them back often to join the fun.

May God receive the glory for this work.
Brook Drumm


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