Go Where The People Are

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http://www.philosophyofinformation.net/blog/uploaded_images/facebook-759598.jpgIt's obvious, that in the social networking scene, facebook has emerged as the front runner. Not only is Facebook powerful because of it's ability to collaborate, communicate, invite, and present to one another.  But it's powerful because it's where the people are

I can't even tell you how many people (from nearly every demographic) want be my friend on facebook.  And I can't tell you how many people who have never set foot into our church gatherings/services, but have become a fan on our churches facebook fan page.  So now our church has direct access into their lives and a platform to connect with them, and the best part is that they found us! 

If your church or organization is not on facebook, you should be.  I always say, 'Go where the people are.'