Following my post a couple days ago on Going Where the People Are, I wanted to say that going where the people are isn't enough, nor is content alone enough.

You need to be attractive and compelling.  That's why CSS and layout is important. Don't worry you don't have to really understand CSS, but think of it as code that organizes content in attractive and compelling ways. In lamen terms it is code that personalizes the layout and background to websites or social networking platforms.

Soul City ChurchOne of the best facebook examples that I have seen is Soul City Church's fan site

Yes, the photo to the left is a photo of their facebook fan site, not there website or blog

Very attractive and compelling. It sets them apart from all the other churches on facebook. You can see more unique facebook fan pages at

The adverse effect of going from attractive and compelling look to a less than compelling layout is that has moved to  Even though Scott McKnight is brilliant, his content off the charts, the layout that has moved him to is distracting to say the least.  It's actually difficult from me to read his content now because of the poor and distracting layout. 

Check them out below and let me know which one is more attractive and compelling?

The old look...

The new...