Most churches have greeters. They're helpful, friendly people (or should be) that meet people at the door, make them feel welcome and offer useful information. Wouldn't it be great if you could replicate some of those characteristics for visitors to your church site?

Demofuse is a tool that allows you to build-in a tour of your website with step-by-step comments, arrows that point to key functions and emulated mouse actions.

I envision this as the virtual door greeter for your website, meeting people at the homepage and asking, "May I show you around?" Walk visitors through your Visitor Info page, then on to information about small groups and getting plugged in, service times, family programming and then to your contact or login page. The possibilities are endless, but the idea is that Demofuse provides you the chance to make guests feel a little more at ease with your site, and, hopefully, your church. Even the most usable site has some degree of learning curve, this may help alleviate that.

Of course, if you do create a tour, don't forget a prominent link on the homepage of your site.

The set-up is reasonably easy, although access to your site's html is needed to pop in a brief script to get things rolling.

Click the "Start Tour" button at right to see the process in action on the Church 2.0 - the blog site and then check out the official Demofuse sample tour and sign-up (free) over at